Thursday, August 1, 2013


Tomorrow, we have to leave the campground: our home for the last two weeks. The campground is booting out all the semi-permanent campers like us. Supposedly, we can come back here after 7 days.

My camp mate has finally found a dog-friendly rental in Watsonville... yay! I will miss waking up to his coffee and miss his BBQing skills.

There was a young couple with two white dogs that were here for two months. They are going to go stay in someone's carport for a week. They both work at low wage jobs and cannot find a dog-friendly rental in their price range.

I am going tonite to look at a shed to live in... a shed. I have to keep saying it to try to grasp the idea. It is a Tuff Shed that has been insulated and has a loft. $400 a month for a S-H-E-D. I am starting to lust after some of the chicken coops that I see. Some of those frickin chickens live better than we do!

On the other hand, it will be nice to get out of the tent and with my camp mate gone, I will have to pay the whole camp fee of $200 a week... so the shed is looking attractive. And the bathroom will be closer! Woohoo! And reliable, strong wifi! Be still my heart, it sounds like heaven... giggle.

Here is a short video of what I woke up to yesterday... Vinnie on his guitar and the view above the tent...

I'll let you know where we go next!

ADDENDUM: Well, we went and looked at the shed and I just could not do it. First there was a steep hill that I would have to haul GiGi up and down - that was not gonna work. Then there was lack of grass for GiGi to pee and play on (Princess GiGi will only pee on grass). Finally, there was the absolute mountains of stuff all over the property with little paths thru it. The very nice man who owns it is a hoarder and it was frightening.

We ended up in a friend's newly remodeled garage for two nights and then back to a campground for a week. After packing up and moving yesterday, GiGi and I slept the rest of the day. This is exhausting.

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